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Parent Power publish a new book for teachers

15/02/24, 12:00


Parent Power published a book called A Teacher's Guide to Celebrating Positive Racial Identity -

Children need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance to thrive, and teachers are in a unique position to create a positive perspective on how children feel in society and how they choose to go forward. The book does not focus on history (which is undoubtedly important), but on the present and future by providing teachers with skills that are practical and positive.


Whatever the demographics of your school community, this book will help because the framework underpinning the book, humility, empathy and courage, is fundamental to creating a school community that lifts everyone.

They have also developed a programme of training, called Celebrating Children's Identity. The training aims to support teachers in understanding how and why children need their cultural heritage acknowledged and celebrated in school. The course builds the teacher's confidence and skills in dealing with racism and delivering positive messages surrounding race, culture and identity to children. We want to offer training for the professional development of teachers and teachers in training.

Contact Parent Power  to find out more.

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